Wednesday, September 29, 2010

iPhone 4..sWEet dReam>>

Ummmn...know what?could possibly i dreaming of having this 'super geek tech' gadget?hoo..wonder...can i own it before again it 'facelift'ed?...hmmm..

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

UniKL..sChooL Of LiFE>>

Hmm..dah habis da ak blajo kat UniKL ni..sdey ade gembira pun ade..pape pun..terima kasih diucapkan kepada semua lecturer, kawan2, technician, pak guard, akak cleaner, officer UniKL dan teramat la time kasih kat MARA sebab menaja ak blajo ni ya..hehe..llg staun kene byr hutang la jawab nya..hahha..kay la..kepada sume kawan2 yang sama2 baru habis tau yang telah lama habis dan yag bakal habis x lupe juga yang baru masuk balik blaja kat UniKL..hoho..Selamat Maju Jaya..all da besh wishes..

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

JuSt WoNDErinG..

Why do people did not built the house or building with the material the same as the moon material??..well I mean,it is the actual fact that the moon can reflects the sun ray so that it gleaming brightly when the night why don't we built our building from the same material so that we can light up our building the same way the moon did it??..I mean, we spent at least 8 to 12 hours of our life under the sun ray isn't it??..why don't we used it in a way that can reduced our dependent to another source of energy instead??..hmm kept wondering..

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

SceNe 11 >>wINdoWs 7...

~wallpaper 1~
~wallpaper 2~
~screenshot 1~
~screenshot 2~
~7 theme~
~7 theme~ da kuar yg br plak da..kali ni name glamor die Windows saentifik atau codename nye lak ialah

Blackcomb dan Vienna..versi trial nyer da kuar bulan Oktober hr tu..full version nye plak kalo x awal thn tgh2 tahun depan la kot die release..hoho buat duit tol la pak cik William Henry "Bill" Gates III ni sambil goyang2 kaki..hehehe..kalo nk tau info penuh nyer rajin2 la masuk web microsoft yer..kay cin chow..

Thursday, December 11, 2008

SceNE 10 >> huH??heH??hAAh...??...

hoho..jom menginsaf kn diri plak..ummm..tah la xreti btol ak nk citer psl benda2 gini..whatsoever regarding this picture should we all take a brief look in what we have done in our entire it something good dominant or something bad...alast we will take responsibility in every action we take...hmm i'm wondering wether i had done bad before???hahha..poyot moyot la plak..everyone make a mistake if i'm not mistaken..huhu..just pick up that sentence out of anywhere..hoho..pape pun klau nk tgk kartun cm kt atas link die...>>
hoho slamat..slamat..

Thursday, November 13, 2008

SceNe 9 >>tHe lAtesT HiTs...



aloooo...huh guest what?this spoof video featuring 'kelawar' superhero was very popular in enjoy this superb funniest video clip..thanks to monkeysandapple uploader of this coolest video...~sources

Saturday, November 1, 2008

sCenE 8 >>D'killEr faCtOr.....

Student: I was under his spell

KUANTAN: It was a nightmare for a second-year nursing degree student here when she was duped and almost abducted by an Indonesian construction worker who allegedly used a charm on her.

Amirah (not her real name) claimed that she was "deeply in love" with the 33-year-old Indonesian after he gave her a silver ring with sparkling stones.

"I could no longer think rationally and would agree to whatever he asked me to do.

"I even chastised my friends when they told me not to go out with him," said the 21-year-old from Johor.

Amirah met the Indonesian, Zainol, at a bus stop in Jalan Bukit Ubi here after her classes on Oct 11.
"Zainol was very friendly and he managed to coax me to give him my handphone number. I've never given my phone number to a stranger before," she said.

Both of them later boarded the same bus as Zainol was working at a construction site near Amirah's campus.

Zainol called Amirah the same night and they agreed to meet the next day.

Zainol would ask Amirah to sniff an ointment in a small green bottle whenever she complained of having headache.

Amirah said she could not stop thinking about Zainol after that and had given him cash, totalling RM700, throughout their courtship.

Zainol had also caressed her whenever they met and had asked her to follow him to Surabaya.

However, Amirah was lucky that she met an Indonesian woman near her campus on Oct 30, before Zainol could take her to Surabaya.

"The Indonesian woman exposed Zainol's background and his ability to trick women.

"She asked me to take off the silver ring as she claimed that I was under Zainol's spell.

"She also told me that he is married with two children."

Amirah lodged a police report the next day and with the help of the university security personnel, police managed to arrested Zainol.

However, to Amirah's surprise, Zainol was released from police custody.

Amirah said she lodged another police report on Monday after Zainol sent threatening text messages to her.

Police confirmed that two reports have been lodged by the student.
regarding to this article,aKu as a concern human being would like to plead to all the girl out there...please do love yourself the most among other not be the prey for the predator such as in this article..YOU ARE THE MOST PRECIOUS CREATURE EVER do love yourself and be careful....